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Industrial Weighing Services

Weighbridge and Scales specialists

Industrial Weighing Services specialise in the sale, service, repair and calibration of weighbridges and scales.

Located in Kent, we service the whole of the south region as well as have authorised contractors throughout the UK..

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IWS offer a wide range of weighing services.

Areas of Industrial Weighing

All kinds of sectors require top-quality industrial weighing services as part of their operations, whether hiring or installing them on their premises. From quarries to crop depots, having robust weighing systems that are properly calibrated makes all the difference between making money and losing it.

Industrial weighbridges are used at locations all over the country, and are strong enough to take the heaviest of vehicle or machinery and their loads. They can be manufactured to sizes that fit clients’ space requirements and because they're controlled using the latest in measuring software, the results are always highly accurate. Industrial weighbridges are extremely versatile and are suitable for a wide range of settings. Typically they're installed at mining and construction sites, ports and in heavy manufacturing, such as the production of steel.

Another type are heavy duty platform scales, which are invaluable for weighing relatively small amounts of products that can be moved around by hand using powered or manual movers. They allow companies to get an instant reading for products being shipped out or being brought in, and can easily be moved to different parts of the premises.

Manufacturers rely heavily on process weighing as part of their operations, as it provides for high levels of control and accuracy over the entire production cycle. It can include measuring materials that are in storage to weighing newly manufactured items, all controlled by a sophisticated and reliable computer system.

Food scales are also an important requirement of the manufacturing industry, where the ability to accurately measure ingredients going into a recipe is crucial, as is weighing the newly made products. As there’s little or no room for error, just being slightly out with the measurements of different ingredients can prove a costly mistake.

We offer sales and hire of all weighing systems, as well as ongoing service, repairs and calibration to ensure they're in perfect working order at all times. That's a weight off your mind.