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Food and Lab Scales

Food and Lab Scales

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We can supply a wide range of industrial food or lab scales, ranging from high precision laboratory grade scales with a capacity of less than 1kg to pallet and floor scales capable of weighing tonnes at a time. We can also provide recipe scales for the accurate control of food manufacturing processes.

Food scales can be divided into two classes: “trade” scales (those used for weighing goods which are to be sold) and “non-approved” scales (those not used in commercial transactions). They can also be divided into “automatic” and “non-automatic” scales, depending on whether they require an operator to place the items being weighed into the scale pan. Any non-automatic weighing instrument used in commercial transactions needs to be “approved” and will have a stamp or sticker indicating that it is suitable for its purpose and sufficiently accurate. We can consult and advise you on the best weighing equipment for your application, taking into account your business requirements and budget.

Food scales need to be maintained and calibrated if they are to remain accurate over their working life. This is a legal requirement for trade scales, and in any case, inaccurate measurements are likely to cause businesses problems, leading to dissatisfied customers if measures are too light, or reduced profitability if measures are too heavy. Not only does regular maintenance prevent scales from drifting out of calibration, it avoids costly breakdowns which can disrupt the whole business. We can provide after-sales service, calibration and maintenance for all major industrial food scales.

We also provide a hire service for specialised weighing equipment if it is only needed for a limited period of time, or to help spread the cost of investment in a high-specification instrument.

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