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Heavy Duty Platform Scales

Heavy Duty Platform Scales

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Heavy duty platform scales are used for the weighing of many different light to medium heavy industrial items.

They are often used for shipping purposes, similar to the airport scales many travellers will be familiar with. They work electronically, powered by either AC or battery, and are often made of stainless steel, adding to their durability.

A metre head of usually 100cm+ rises from the platform, and an LCD display informs the operator of the weight of the goods. Basic controls simply require the user to place the item or items on the platform, before checking the weight in kilograms or pounds on the display. Not all heavy duty platform scales include a head – some are simply low level platforms with handheld computerised displays. Many also offer a ramp feature allowing for easier placing of goods on the scales.

It is usually recommended that calibration is carried out when installing the heavy duty platform scales. For larger scales, mobile calibration units facilitate the process, and can be hired for a relatively low cost. Calibration services can often be obtained from the same providers of the heavy duty platform scales themselves.

For one-off projects or jobs, it is possible to hire heavy duty platform scales. The hire company often provides delivery of the scales as well as picking them up once the job is completed. For businesses that own their own heavy duty platform scales that might be in need of repair, they are often able to send them to the same businesses that provide rental services.

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