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Process and Plant Weighing

Process and Plant Weighing

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Only the best process weighing system will do in complex and automated production processes, giving companies the ability to know exactly how much material is available and the precise weight of products being made. Computers running sophisticated process weighing software control procedures and provide exact and reliable readings.

Broken down to the various stages at which process weighing is utilised, it covers the amount of stock or inventory a company has on the premises, allows for blending of materials and the accurate manufacture of products based on precision weighing of supplies – such as those used in the making of tarmac and concrete – and can also measure any losses in weight along the way. Additionally, process weighing is used for bulk discharge of materials, as well as filling or loading of various storage systems.

Today’s superior process weighing systems are based on cutting-edge instruments that are highly versatile and are introduced at the various stages of production. Skilled engineers are required to ensure they’re properly integrated into the different mechanical elements used in manufacturing, as it can often be the case that changes to structural designs are necessary.

Tarmac and concrete plants will have process weighing systems custom made to their particular requirements, and can choose from purchasing one outright for installation on their premises or opt to hire a system instead. Professional calibration of process weighing systems is crucial to ensure companies get accurate readings at all times and this is all part of regular serving provided by the supplier.

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