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Weighbridges and Software

Weighbridges and Software

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IWS excel in the sales, service, hire and calibration of weighbridges or sometimes known as a truck scale. With over 20 years within the industry, there is no weighbridge we cannot install.

Our weighbridges are commonly used to weigh the goods of HGV’s or agricultural vehicles, enabling sales people to charge for goods by weight. The standard weight of the HGV is usually known beforehand, meaning the weight of the goods can be calculated by subtracting the known weight of the vehicle from the total.

The weighbridges we use work with the minimum of effort for the driver and operator of an HGV – they simply drive onto a platform underneath which there are electronic weigh cells. Using computer technology, the cells allow the weight to be calculated and process required paperworks or tickets.

Another common purpose of our weighbridge’s is to ensure that a HGV can carry its load safely. This is done by recording the force on the axles of the HGV and making sure they do not exceed the set limits for each vehicle. This can be essential when HGVs prepare to cross bridges or small roads, where weighbridges are often located.

Many companies only require a weighbridge on a temporary basis, and this is the foundation of the hire market for weighbridges. This allows businesses to find a low cost solution for a shorter period of time, negating the need for a full installation.

Ensuring a weighbridge is fit and ready for use can be done using calibration weights, transported by an accredited calibration vehicle. This is vital for the accuracy of the weighbridge, and it is recommended that calibration is undertaken at least every few months.

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